Illinois Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses & Consulting

Nevada Dispensary Package

Open a dispensary in Nevada! The Nevada Department of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) is allowing for up to 60 dispensaries, to be licensed in Nevada. The competition for these 60 licenses is going to be intense. can help you open a dispensary in Nevada by obtaining an dispensary certification in Nevada.


IL Dispensary Package

Open a dispensary in Illinois! Illinois is on track to issue 60 dispensary licenses in Illinois and 22 medical marijuana cultivation centers in Illinois. With almost 13 million people living in Illinois there is going to be a huge business opportunity for medical marijuana in Illinois! is assisting clients by offering consulting packages for Illinois medical marijuana dispensary opportunities.


Nevada Medical Marijuana Dispensary Business Plan

A comprehensive plan that every would-be dispensary or cultivation owner should have.  This dispensary business plan is an essential document if you're going to open a medical marijuana dispensary or are applying for a dispensary permit.  It includes a variety of the individual plans listed in this website.

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Illinois Medical Marijuana Dispensary Operations Plan

Many states require dispensaries and medical marijuana cultivators to have an operations plan describing your proposed day-to-day activities. An operations plan is perhaps the most important aspect of your business plan that demonstrates your preparedness and forward-thinking to run a medical marijuana business.

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Illinois Medical Marijuana Dispensary Financial Plan

A very useful tool for medical marijuana businesspeople interested in cultivating or dispensing medical marijuana. Includes a financial model incorporating real-world information to help you decide facility size, plant count, build-out costs, capital requirements, revenue projections and much more.

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Illinois Gears Up For Medical Marijuana

Nevada Medical Marijuana Dispensary Application Quiz

Nevada rolls out dispensaries starting Jan 1 2014, applicants have a 10 day window to submit an application for a Nevada medical marijuana dispensary. Test your understanding of the Nevada dispensary certificate application process.

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Our team has written PERMIT-WINNING dispensary and cultivation plans!

DispensaryPermits has assembled a team of top professionals including doctors, lawyers, scientists, architects, CPAs, horticulturalists, engineers and medical marijuana business owners to create comprehensive dispensary and cultivation plans. The intellectual property we have developed on Massachusetts medical marijuana treatment centers would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop on your own- but is available to you at a fraction of the cost.

With only 35 medical marijuana treatment center permits available in Massachusetts we expect competition will be fierce. Once they are given out the chance is lost if you’re not the owner of a winning permit. Get profesional consultation in Massachusetts to give your proposal the best chance of winning.

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